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🌈 One New Jersey town made the list

“April showers bring May flowers….”

You may have heard this age-old saying before. While it’s a fun, whimsical little rhyme, April often does provide unpredictable weather as the spring season kicks into high gear. But all that rain can result in a very pretty sight---rainbows.

A new study by New Jersey-based online casino operator PlayStar uncovered the top U.S. cities where people can find rainbows.

New Jersey made the top 30 list, putting the Garden State on the map as a go-to-destination for chasing rainbows.

PlayStar analyzed key factors such as sunshine, rainfall, light pollution, and skyscrapers to come up with its findings to pinpoint the perfect destinations for rainbow enthusiasts.

Dennis Malloy, Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy, Townsquare Media

For New Jersey residents, the best place in the state to see rainbows is in Atlantic County.

Atlantic City ranked 29th on the list of 30 best places in the U.S. for rainbow chasing, as it scored strongly due to a nice blend of sunshine and rain, alongside a lack of skyscrapers over 150m compared to other U.S. cities. Atlantic City only has two skyscrapers.

The gambling seaside resort town also ranked 22nd for the highest overall rainfall, recording 44 inches of precipitation annually, and was the 28th sunniest city, with an average percentage of 56% between sunrise and sunset where sunshine is recorded daily.

Jen Costabile
Atlantic City Boardwalk, Jen Costabile

Atlantic City was also the 26th city with the lowest light pollution, recording a radiance value of 281 W/m2 (watts per square meter). According to the study, the score of 281 is to be expected due to the bright lights of Atlantic City’s gaming district. But, many other factors contribute to a city’s light pollution, so high radiance values alone do not reflect the quality of a given city.

Where is the best place to see rainbows? Tampa, Florida is the overall winner, with the highest overall score of 100, indicating it has the best conditions for seeing all the colorful hues in a rainbow.

Tampa, Florida (Facebook)
Tampa, Florida (Facebook)

Memphis, Tennessee tied with Tampa for the top spot, also with an overall score of 100. Rounding out the top five cities to check out rainbows, according to PlayStar are Virginia Beach, Virginia with a score of 98, Jacksonville, Florida, with a score of 97, and Miami, Florida, with a score of 90.

Chicago, Illinois just made the list, coming in 30th place. It was the lowest-ranked city for sunshine and had the second-highest number of skyscrapers of any city, both factors contributing to its low overall score.

Atlantic City, New Jersey was second from the bottom, followed Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland to round out the bottom five.

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