Sometimes you just have to cross the line, especially when New Jersey is dealing with a pandemic that is costing us a lot of money. Assembly Minority Leader Jon Branmick and Democratic Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin addressed the press Monday about a package of bills aimed at what NJ TV rcalled  "blunting the economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis."

Bramnick came on my show on Monday to talk about it:

"First we are delaying the quarterly estimated income and business taxes for at least a month," Bramnick said, "We're also making sure insurance companies pay for the testing and some of the treatment related to the virus which is also a bipartisan type bill, We did about 20 bills today."

Since they haven't been passed by the Senate, these bills have not yet become law. The Senate meets on Monday then they would need Gov. Phil Murphy to sign off.

"We're making some progress but this is a very serious moment in New Jersey history. Let no one tell you any different," Bramnick said. "The doctors will tell you, this is a serious threat to public health. It just is."

As for the panic:

"I'm not one to panic but when you speak to emergency room doctors and you see people 39 years of age and 49 years of age on ventilators, that's not a great sign."

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