News Anchor Eric Scott told us of a new restaurant he stumbled upon called El Catador in Trenton where he had the best ceviche he's ever had. Knowing Eric as we do as one of New Jersey's top "foodies," that's saying something.

It got me thinking about another great spot, Tortuga's Mexican Village in Princeton. A place that when we first discovered it was tucked away in a neighborhood, small and unassuming, but a favorite of the family as they have the best pico de gallo and enchiladas in the state. It's still in the same neighborhood but in a bigger space across the street.

Here's what we heard from our callers:

Nancy's Town House in Rahway known for their bar pizza

Jay's Elbow Room in Maple Shade known for their cheesesteak fries

Bond Street Bar in Asbury Park known for their burgers

Straphanger Saloon in Hackensack known for their seafood specials

Incredibly stunning new restaurant in Central Jersey

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