As we prepare for another Thanksgiving I was feeling nostalgic. I was thinking about the days when after my family finished Thanksgiving dinner and before the afternoon football game came on, you only had a few channels on TV to choose from. While it seems archaic nowadays, the movies that were broadcast on Thanksgiving Day were so special to watch because it was the single time of the year that they were actually shown on TV, before video and well before dvds or Netflix. Here's a list of the top 5 Classic Thanksgiving Day Movies. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - 1973

    Ok, I may have cheated on this one. It may not have always been broadcast ON Thanksgiving day BUT you can't enjoy Thanksgiving without adding the loveable Chuck to any list. You rooted every year for Charlie Brown to kick that football out of Lucy's hands and every single year he missed.

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    King Kong-1933

    Much like Mighty Joe Young, The Big Ape that climbs the Empire State building has nothing to actually do with the holiday other than he followed the film Mighty Joe Young on the Thanksgiving Day programming schedule. Although there have been a few remakes, nothing beats the classic black & white original.

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    March of the Wooden Soldiers - 1934

    What would Thanksgiving be without the comedic duo of Laurel & Hardy? It was always enjoyable to watch the storybook characters played out in a movie. As a kid, you would crack up laughing and you'll still find yourself laughing at the same parts all these years later.

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    Planes Trains & Automobiles - 1987

    Here's a classic movie that is enough to make you never want to travel around the holidays. Nothing says the holidays like watching Steve Martin try to find any mode of transportation home, all the while being stuck with John Candy as the unlikely travel partner he befriends.

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    Miracle on 34th Street-1947

    Much like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the holiday would not be complete without finishing out Thanksgiving Day with Santa. Here's the timeless classic that warms the heart and no matter how many remakes are made, the original still can make even the biggest cynic believe in jolly St. Nick.

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