Living in New Jersey sometimes means that we have to be tough. Unfortunately, we must be ready for whatever negative New Jersey stereotype that the rest of the world so quickly throws our way. While checking out some New Jersey gear online, we recently found some disgraceful T-shirts with taglines supporting many of the worst New Jersey stereotypes. Always "Proud to be New Jersey", we were instantly offended at the claims that New Jersey is hateful, violent, and smelly! Take a look at the Top 10 Most Embarrassing New Jersey T-Shirts and chime in below with your reaction to these slogans.

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    "Made in New Jersey" (Weapon Theme)

    Just because you're born in New Jersey does not mean that by default, you have an affiliation with violence or the mob. Therefore, people who choose to feed into this stereotype by wearing this specific T-shirt can assure themselves that they are embarrassing every other normal New Jerseyan.
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    "Friends Don't Let Friends Live in New Jersey"

    Surely New Jersey has it's downsides but for the most part, it's a pretty cool place to live. There's no other state quite like New Jersey for many reasons including its diversity, great food, beaches, culture and more. Therefore, real friends do let their friends live in New Jersey. If not, would the state be so densely populated?
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    "Jersey Girls Are Classy Unlike Those Other Skanks"

    We get it - New Jerseyans are typically classified as tougher than people from other places. We've also been known to be more outspoken than other places. However, this does not mean that females here are potty-mouthed and classless. Ladies, please spare us by never wearing this T-shirt.
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    "Jersey Shore" (Reality TV Show Theme)

    It's probably safe to say that the number of people actually proud of MTV's "Jersey Shore" can be counted on just one hand. The fact that the reality show continues to plague our beloved Shore towns is embarrassing, let alone this representative T-shirt.
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    "New Jersey - Don't Worry, We Hate You Too"

    Believe it or not, it's possible to be from New Jersey and not be miserable all the time. For the record, not everyone hates New Jerseyans and New Jerseyans do not hate everyone else. Perhaps everyone hates the person wearing this nonsensical shirt, in which they possibly have a right to do so after making such a bold erroneous statement.
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    "New Jersey - Fair Share of Grime and Crime"

    This one clever! Unfortunately, it's just not true. With plenty of beaches, bountiful parks, acres of farmland and culture-filled cities, New Jersey is actually not so bad after all.
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    "We Don't Pump Our Gas, We Pump Our Fists"

    We don't pump gas and although that's an awesome thing, there's no need to boast about it. And maybe we do occasionally get a bit too excited at the Bruce or Bon Jovi concert and throw one arm up during our favorite! Thanks to the cast of MTV's 'Jersey Shore', New Jerseyans and pumped fists are now forever synonymous. Enough already - and get this shirt off of shelves immediately!
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    "New Jersey - Smells Like Old Jersey"

    Even we chuckled at this one, but is it really necessary to proudly wear this on a T-Shirt? Let us explain something here - New Jersey's biggest transportation hubs just happen to be located in tightly congested areas within miles of several major factories. Therefore when immediately get exiting a train or plane, the chances of being hit by the metropolitan aromas is pretty high. (Still doesn't mean it should be exaggerated and humorously written on a T-shirt!)
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    "Guns Don't Kill People, We Do"

    Whoa...this sure is one heck of a statement! The fact that this T-shirt even exists is simply absurd. We might be tough but last time we checked, just being from New Jersey was not a sure sign of a murderer! C'mon people, let's not take our pride in being strong-willed and resilient too far here...
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    "Welcome to New Jersey, The Armpit of America"

    Beyond embarrassing, the outlandish statement on this T-shirt is just rude! If anything, New Jersey is the heart of America!


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