I knew if I wore my "new" shirt into work this week, people would think it was a Christmas gift. First, it was out of my usual spectrum of what I wear and second, they've never seen me in this before.

I bought it online back in September and it was cheap. It looked great on the model and didn't look bad on me either. But when I took it out of the package it had more Burberry design than I had seen in the online catalog. I stuck it in my drawer and waited to have the opportunity and courage to wear it.

Well, I wore it this week to mixed reviews. More than a few people said, "nice shirt!" Then I asked people I knew who would be completely honest, and the truth came out.

My real question was: did it look too gay? Take that anyway you want. Too fashionable? Too stylish? Too colorful? So I asked one of my gay colleagues and you may be surprised by his reaction.

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