Political newcomer and 2017 gubernatorial candidate Titus Pierce made a controversial statement last weekend when he tweeted at NJ 101.5, “I wish blacks would get over slavery.” Morning Show host Bill Spadea asked him to clarify that statement this morning.

"African Americans- we just have a large social stigma, said Pierce. "Not what society has put on us, but what we have put on ourselves in terms of what slavery has done to our individual subculture. And it is really a degenerative thing."

The Democratic candidate pointed to a mindset that focuses on getting quick money, rather than going to college or working in a union as examples of the stigma's negative effect.

"What I would like to impress upon every African American that may not have an education or may not have a sound, strong foundation is that education, that knowledge, those experiences are what allows you to get those jobs and hit the requisites to get larger salary, cars, and things like that," said Pierce.

According to Pierce, a slavery mentality exists in communities like Newark because they lack a real education, fresh blood and fresh knowledge.

"The neighborhood is becoming the new modern plantation- and I want everyone off," said Pierce.

Pierce's tweet about slavery came in response to Princeton students protesting for the removal of Woodrow Wilson's name from school property and programs on behalf of his racist history.

When asked by Spadea what message he would send to the students, Pierce said that students are not in school to fight or be in a popularity contest, but rather to get an education, earn their diploma and contribute to a capitalist society.

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