It's the Super Bowl Sunday recap.

What was the best food?  Did you win any money? What a win for the Patriots! Jersey guys like Chris Hogan played well in a game that was worth watching 'till the bitter end. You couldn't have wrote a better ending than in the dramatic fashion that it did. Tom Brady finally silenced all the detractors and everyone who took him to task for the Deflate Gate scandal. Brady is truly one of the best of all time.

The only thing that may have made it better, would be if the game wasn't on a Sunday night. Wouldn't the NFL be better served to have the biggest game of the year on a Saturday night? One caller named Sandy from Ewing actually made a great suggestion that maybe the NFL could push the game to President's Day weekend so that if the game is on Sunday night, most people would have Monday off to recover.

You can see my rant from this morning's show on moving the Super Bowl to Saturdays in the clip below.

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