The NFL draft was held this weekend in Philadelphia and for all the flack Philly fans take, you have to give them credit this time. With over 150,000 in attendance representing all 32 teams, there were no arrests. In fact, the only booing that was heard was when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came out to announce the picks. It's time to change that.

First off, who ever thought that a draft, which started in a hotel room, would end up being held on the Ben Franklin Parkway? For those who don't know, the draft is simply where teams choose which college they want on their team. There are seven rounds and a time limit between 5-10 minutes between each pick depending on which round it is.

You would think this would be pretty boring to the average fan, but the NFL has turned it into a three day money making spectacle with attractions and (of course) merchandising. The only negative on the presentation is when the commissioner comes out and announces the picks. I say let Commissioner Goodell come out at the beginning and welcome everybody, then turn it over to a celebrity host that will take over reading the picks. It will make for a much better presentation and something they could sell to a network, which I predict with the ratings they've been getting will soon happen.

It's also not fair to the player who has to hear his name announced after the boos. It gets old after a while, in fact with 32 picks, it got old after the first one. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes to a network, that they don't ask for one of their people to do it as well.

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