February 27th, 2004 - Michael Jackson is enjoying a vacation with his children in Aspen, Colorado when he frightens workers at a local supermarket dressed in all black, his face hidden behind a surgical mask. Workers thought Jackson was a potential thief and alerted the Police. Once on scene they quickly identified the mysterious man as just a harmless pop star.

February 28th, 1972 - George Harrison and wife Pattie are injured in a car crash while driving to a party in London. Pattie was knocked unconscious and in a coma for several days. She suffered a serious concussion along with many broken ribs and would spend several weeks recovering in the hospital.

February 29th, 2000 - Elton John walks out during the opening of the new Broadway musical show, 'Aida'. He was not pleased with the show's arrangements of his music and spent the next 15 minutes complaining 'that his songs had been ruined'.

March 1st, 1969Jim Morrison of The Doors is charged with indecent behavior after a show in Miami. He had showed the audience “little Jim” and was found guilty and sentenced to 8 months hard labor.  He would never serve this sentence though, as he would later die in Paris while the charges were still in a court of appeals.

March 2nd, 1963The Four Seasons become the first group to have three consecutive No.1’s when ‘Walk Like A man’ started its three week run at the top today.

March 3rd, 1984Nena starts a three week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ’99 Red Balloons.’ It would only hit No.2 in the US, but it’s arguably one of the biggest one-hit-wonders out there. It was originally sung in German as ’99 Luftballons’ and was re-recorded in English as ’99 Red Balloons’ which is the version we all know and love.

March 4th, 1993 - Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown become parents today as Whitney gives birth to their daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown. Bobbi would later star on her own reality show 'The Houstons: On Our Own'. Sadly she would pass away a few years later in hospice care after being found face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home.

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