Earlier this week, our colleague Jeff Deminski was out for the count with some sort of illness. Rather than me tell you what it was, he summarizes his frustrating experience here.

Everyone does seem to be getting sick nowadays with some sort of illness. Whether it's Covid, the flu, or something else, we all seem to be stuck with the sniffles.

Even in my household, it took a solid month for all of us to finally start feeling better. As for what we had? We have no idea.

And I know this won't be the end of it. I do have two kids going to elementary school, after all. A place that tends to be a breeding ground for every known disease on the face of the earth.

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Of course, it's also winter, a time when we do tend to get sick more often. As a result, some of us simply dismiss getting sick because of the time of year.

With that said, I do believe there's more to it when it comes to us being dismissive of our illnesses. And I believe it stems back to everything we just went through over the past few years.

I think we're desensitized to the serious nature of these illnesses mostly because we're all tired of hearing about how serious one or the other is. Especially when it comes to Covid numbers or the current variants.


Are you aware of any of that information? Probably not. But just a couple of years ago we were all following those numbers like crazy and taking precautions to stop ourselves from getting sick.

But we're so far removed and exhausted from that that most of us aren't even bothering anymore to keep up. Flu? Covid? Whatever.

Now, it's not that we don't care about the serious nature of some of these illnesses, we're just numb to following how badly they're spreading. Especially now during the cold season, we just accept that we're going to get the sniffles at some point.


And with so many mutations, how do we even know what the heck we have? It could be variant 5.48253v2, or whatever the number might be.

So yes, we're still going to gather despite high transmission rates. Because at the end of the day and after several years of mandatory restrictions, most of us are just numb to the hype.

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