To quote Dylan Thomas, President Trump is not "going gentle into that goodnight." On the day the vote was to take place securing Joe Biden's victory, protesters supporting Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, taking over the House and Senate Chamber. To quote Jay Leno to Hugh Grant on his Tonight Show appearance after being caught in a car with a hooker in Los Angeles, "what were they thinking?"

It all started after the President addressed thousands of his supporters at a rally near the White House claiming election fraud before the Congress vote. He needs to speak to them again before it gets any worse than it already is. This is not only making his supporters look bad but the America that he loves and wants to "make great again" as well. This is not how we do it. There is never any reason, justification or excuse to storm the Capitol. That's not what we're about. Those who did it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is not about President Trump, this is about democracy and respect for the capital of our country which so many gave their lives for, regardless of the vote that was about to take place inside.

In all my life, I've never seen a president garner the active support this president has. Thousand of people pack his rallies, masks or not. Thousands are flooding the Capitol today willing to give their all for their president. The FBI and the National Guard are now they're securing the building against those who are supposed to be all about law and order.

Whether or not there was the election fraud that the president claims, it's not going to be settled like this. Yes, we have the right to protest, not at the Capitol Building and that doesn't mean the protest will change an election. All it's going to do is validate the opinion of those who oppose their views. I kept hearing all day from politicians as the images of protesters flashed across the tv screen. "This is not who we are." Hopefully it's not who we're becoming.

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