Fall is in the air throughout The Garden State, and so are New Jersey's street fairs. That time when New Jersey's streets are closed down for a few hours throughout the day so you can have fun with your friends and families.

For the most part, New Jersey's street fairs don't typically occur during the summer months. Usually, they return every year in April and remain a mainstay up until early June. After that, they typically pack it up during the heat of the summer and don't return in full until the tail end of the season.

Fortunately, it's time for them to return. So if you missed out earlier this year, no need to worry. In fact, many street fairs tend to return to the same or similar locations in the fall that they were previously at in the spring, making it easy to know approximately where they'll be happening.

Speaking of happening, check out the full list below of street fair happing throughout The Great Garden State this fall. All fairs are listed by date order and run all the way through October 30.

They're back! NJ street fairs return for the 2022 fall season

All New Jersey street fairs are listed in date order. Click/tap on the links for each street fair below for more info.

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