Unfortunately, we all know cases of people who have absolutely no business having animals. No one is really sure why people who do not know how to take care of pets would have them in the first place, but alas, it happens every single day.

Entered the ASPCA. Besides, for all of the wonderful they were work they do, as their name implies, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals main mission is to stop animals from being abused and to help them in the unfortunate event that they are.

Right now The ASPCA is announcing an urgent appeal for help with animals that were victims of abuse all over the country.

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They are asking for help to provide critical care for nearly 300 dogs after deploying their rescue teams multiple times across several states this past month to help local shelters and agencies rescue animals in need.

Many of the rescued animals - including over 100 Great Danes and Bulldogs from a breeding operation in Florida, nearly 100 dogs from multiple hoarding situations in New Jersey and Mississippi, and over a dozen animals from suspected cruelty cases in New York City - are receiving medical and behavioral care at ASPCA animal recovery facilities.

As recently as this past February nearly 100 mistreated dogs were seized from a self-described animal rescue group in NJ: ASPCA.


More than 90 dogs, including young puppies, were seized by law enforcement after they were found living in squalor with a self-described animal rescue group in Vernon township.

Dogs were found among feces, urine and exposed to high levels of ammonia, According to this article the organization is stretched to its limit and is desperate for donations from the animal, loving public.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. We know people are watching every penny right now, but any little bit helps.

Not only will it benefit the dogs that have been abused, but it will allow the ASPCA to continue doing the life-saving work that they do for our four-legged friends.

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