In a state where plenty of kids already get a free lunch and free breakfast, the socialist, social engineers are planning more. How much more? Only $18 million.

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, D-Middlesex, has proposed one of the four bills to combat hunger in our state. He wants to broaden that to more schools in more New Jersey towns.

The more people the Democratic Party can get dependent on the government, the more people they can get to vote to keep them in power.

These programs may seem like noble causes and who could oppose feeding hungry kids. It's not the government's responsibility to feed our children. It's the job of parents to find a way to put a few inexpensive items in a bag and make sure their kids have something for lunch.

Not only do these welfare programs rob people of their dignity and self-worth, but they also create a dependency and sense of entitlement.

This state and the country are filled with stories of people who struggled to make ends meet, which led them to work hard and make something of themselves. My grandparents were illiterate, poor immigrants who managed to raise eight children who all became productive members of our society by taking advantage of the opportunities this country affords.

When you give people a "free lunch" you rob them of the dignity of that determination it takes to succeed.

These programs breed more entitlement and keep people poor and content to take whatever the government sees fit to give them. If you want to help people capable of providing enough food for their kids, lower taxes. Give married couples with kids a tax break, lower property taxes, lighten up on regulations that restrict independent small businesses from starting and flourishing.

The state is largely responsible for the unaffordability here and they come up with solutions that cost more for hard-working taxpayers to fix it. Enough is enough.

The brain-dead, emotional hemophiliac dummies have to stop putting tax and spend idiots in office. Yeah, I mean Democrats. If politicians like Coughlin want to minister to the poor, they should have become pastors and started their own church or a nonprofit organization and stop stealing OUR money for their political gain.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article has been updated with the correct municipality where Hewitt is located.

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