The passing of Alex Trebek raises the question of who will replace him as host of the iconic game show.

Trebek, arguably the most beloved man in America, leaves big shoes to fill. There have been many names kicked around, including contestant Ken Jennings, who holds the title of winningest contestant and winner of the greatest all-time competition, but is he host material?

Once upon a time the world was filled with game show hosts. They were handsome, likable people with personalities endearing to their audience. People like Gene Rayburn, Bob Eubanks, Bill Cullen, Tom Kennedy, Dennis James, Hugh Downs, Bert Convy and of course the great Bob Barker, who was immortalized in Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore."

The original host of Jeopardy was Art Fleming, with Don Pardo as the off-camera announcer — a duty he would perform later on "Saturday Night Live." Alex Trebek took over as host of the current version in 1984 and held the job until his death.

It seems there are no more pure game show hosts as most of the games today are hosted by actors and comedians. People like Alec Baldwin on Match Game, Drew Carey on the "Price Is Right," or some other celebrity could be the direction the show will go. Names that have been kicked around, according to the New York Post, include George Stephanopoulos, Betty White, and Los Angeles Kings announcer Alex Faust. Let me suggest a Jersey guy. Let me suggest Jon Stewart.

Stewart would be perfect. He's extremely likable, has both political and comedic chops, and is highly respected in both communities. He's also arguably the voice of his generation. He just signed a deal with Apple that shouldn't interfere and I can't think of a better person to take over for Trebek, who taped 35 episodes before his death.

Here are some of the people my social media followers think could fill Trebek's shoes, who do you think could?

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