How do you feel about New Jersey's blue laws? The folks at "Jeopardy!" apparently feel confused. That's the way it went Tuesday night on "Double Jeopardy."

The $1,600 Double Jeopardy answer was: “Bergen County, New Jersey has one of the USA’s last blue laws, banning retailers from doing this.”

After one contestant said 'What is selling alcohol," then the next said "What is selling alcohol on Sundays?" Host Alex Trebek, after a pause, accepted it, even though it's a bit off base.

As most people in Bergen County know, you can buy both food and alcohol on Sundays in most towns. But clothing, shoes and most things you would normally buy in a department store can't be purchased on Sundays due to the blue laws.

According to, the New Jersey blue laws came about at the end of the 1950s as a way to curb the Sunday traffic around all the department stores that sprung up. Some people in Bergen County fight for their Blue laws the way most Jersey girls fight to avoid pumping their own gas.

Personally, I'd love to see a "Daily Double" where both laws get kicked to the curb.

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