First off, who is April Ryan and why does she need a bodyguard?

Secondly who does that bodyguard think he is that he can forcibly remove a camera from a journalist invited to cover an event?

"When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speech,” Ryan told the crowd as Charlie Kratovil's camera was booted. Kravatil, a reporter from "New Brunswick Today," was invited to cover the event. You can watch his video of the incident here:

This is America and we do have both freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press. You would think someone who worked for the press, if in fact you could call what CNN is doing today the press, would know that. This is the second confrontation connected with a network employee in less than a month. Let's for forget Chris Cuomo's "Fredo" incident. Remember back in the day when CNN people just reported and commented on the news? I guess now they feel they have to make it.

What was April Ryan going to say to the New Jersey Parent Summit that needed to be kept secret? Surprising that April Ryan who usually has so much to say is silent now. Real gutsy move to send a bodyguard after a journalist. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

Well now comes payback as the bodyguard Sean Morris of Illinois is being charged with assault.

Charlie Kratovil took to twitter to discuss the charges.

“This was more than just an assault on me," says Kratovil. "This was an assault on freedom of the press.” and he's right. Just because you're a bodyguard doesn't mean you get to get physical with a reporter doing their job. I once produced "Live Aid" for WYSP radio in Philadelphia and heard Mick Jagger's bodyguard punch our news reporter Gary Lee Horn in the stomach because he dared try to get an interview with the Rolling Stone. Who the hell do these people think they are? They need to know it's freedom of the press and not freedom of the punch.

I hope these charges send a message but if i were Charlie Kratovil, I'd file lawsuit to send a bigger one and he's thinking of it.

"This was more than just an assault on me," Kratovil said in a statement sent to New Jersey 101.5 Monday. "This was an assault on freedom of the press, and April Ryan should have immediately condemned the use of violence against a journalist. Because Ms. Ryan has failed to publicly address or apologize for her role in this ugly incident, I am now seeking legal counsel to initiate proceedings that will hold her accountable for the unacceptable and illegal behavior of her employee."

I'd also be asking where hotel security was as well as the Parents Association people while this was going on. Is this anyway to treat people you invite to cover an event?

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