46 percent approval rating despite wanting to raise taxes and bend over backwards for illegals with driver licenses, financial aid for tuition, and lawyers to fight deportation. You would think that if I asked what movie best reminds you of Phil Murphy's time in office, that there would be a more positive response than these ...

Jeffrey Matthews: "Titanic... The governor is the iceberg"

Joanne Ginn Glassoff:  "Scream... all of em!"

Rich Zimmerman:  "Mr. Smith goes to...Trenton"

Tim Devine: "Clueless"

Brian Startare: "Apocalypse Now"

Richard Hall: "Armageddon"

Ron Cori: "Superbad"

Tommy Bertolini Jr: "One flew over the cuckoos nest"

Lori Berry: "Jack Ass!"... (we actually got multiple responses on this one) 

Rob Epple: "Dumb and dumber"

Axel Jay: "HELP!"

Jenni Zaleski: "The Money Pit"

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