Tony's. Not only is Tony the most common name on a pizza shop in New Jersey, 60% of us live within 15 minutes of a Tony's.

A guy named Kevin McElwee for used a scientific approach involving using a businessfinder engine and cross-referencing with U.S. census data to determine most of us are not far from either a Papa Tony's or a Tony's Pizza or some other variant of a Tony-named pizza joint.

There are 48 versions of a Tony's pizzeria across the Garden State, by far the most common name. Coming in second and third would be Luigi and Vinnie respectively. I'm not sure about any of those three names in my area. But does the name Joe get any love? That's the name of our go-to pizza joint in Flemington.

You can read exactly how Kevin did this here which includes maps and even a link to the Missouri Census Data Center. That's a lot of science and number crunching. For me, just gimme a slice of pepperoni and sausage, you know what I mean? Fuggetaboutit.

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