Earlier this evening on the O’Reilley factor there was a story about a judge in New York that sentenced a convicted child molester….someone who’d been copped a plea on 48 counts of child molestation…and sentenced him to just 2 years in jail.

Judge Martin Murphy is his name….and while he could have sentenced the perp to life in prison…a la Sandusky.

Instead he handed down the minimum sentence of 2 years….which would mean he’d get out of prison in short order given the time he’s already served.

The judge gave no reason for the sentence in this case.

US attorney Loretta Lynch stepped in and is about to charge Goodman with a federal charge of transporting a minor across state lines in order to have sex with a minor, and she’s being hailed as a hero.

The question on the minds of most is while the legislation enacting the "Jessica Lunsford Act;…or S380 has already been drafted, why hasn’t it been posted for a vote

The answer, according to Bill O’Reilley, lies with Senate President Steve Sweeney, who in his words, refuses to post the bill.

The Governor, when asked about the passage of the bill yesterday at his Shore Tour in Ocean City told the audience that if they wanted the bill posted, they should write their legislator, and when the bill got to his desk, in his words, ”I got a feeling I’d put my signature to it!”

For those who don’t know…the Jessica Lunsford Act would increase penalties for those who commit sex crimes against minors and for those who harbor or conceal a sex offender. It would also prohibit convicted sexual offenders from living near schools, playgrounds and child care centers, as well as properly “tier” sex offenders prior to their release from prison.

The bill is named after 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, of Florida, who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered by a registered sex offender in 2005.

New Jersey is one of the few states that still hasn’t passed the legislation.

Is it time we passed the Jessica Lunsford act into law?