Bill and I brought up the story of Teresa on Tuesday's show. Teresa is a lovable dog in Thailand that was attacked on the street in an attempt to kill and eat her.

In Thailand it is normal to butcher stray dogs and eat them as food. Of course here it makes you sick to think about. The attempted decapitation failed but in its scramble to get away the dog's face and mouth was severely mutilated. The Thailand rescue doesn't have the funds to get the dog the medical care it needs and they reached out to an old friend from the U.S., specifically from New Jersey to see if she could help.

That woman in turn found someone else in New Jersey willing to take in Teresa and the dog is arriving later this month. She'll be getting the surgeries and medical care she needs here in the U.S.. The people rescuing her will face a serious financial burden and have set up a Go Fund Me page hoping some kind-hearted folks will pitch in. They are trying to raise $7,000 to cover the travel costs and medical bills for this miracle pup.

If you'd like to help out, here's the link.

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