On Saturday, Jeff Deminski, Bill Doyle, and I had the rare opportunity to take to the sky via blimp and see the Jersey Shore like we have never seen before. It's amazing the difference a few hundred feet in the air can make.

We were baffled by the scenery we were able to fly past in such a short amount of time. Jeff Deminski's biggest revelation was that a lot of people who live within five minutes of the beach own large pools, even though they have the Atlantic Ocean at their disposal whenever they want.

Perhaps the most important thing we saw while we were on our Horizon blimp ride was the condition of the Jersey Shore. In such a short amount of time, the coastline looks as beautiful as ever, and Horizon knows that. That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done before the Jersey Shore is back to the way it was before Sandy.

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The contest is called the Back To The Boardwalk Sweepstakes. Simply like the Horizon Facebook page, and click the contest button on the front page for a chance to win your family a week vacation.

Listen to the audio from the show of Jeff, Bill and Producer Joe V. talking about the Horizon sweepstakes and their blimp-riding experience.
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