Buddy Valastro is the very successful pastry chef and overall Cake Boss in the wildly successful TV series The Cake Boss. The show focuses on the Italian American family owned bakery, Carlos Bake Shop in Hoboken.

The series showcases the world class art edibles that they create and the dynamics of the gregarious family and staff of the bake shop. The show premiered in April of 2009 and is so successful there have been 4 more show spinoffs.

Buddy has worked at the bakery since he was 17 in 1994. He has a drive in business and his personal life that is unmatched. He’s opened 7 more bakeries and developed several other businesses here in New Jersey relating to the bakery and commercial baking business.

Buddy has given much to so many charities and continues to focus on helping those here in New Jersey who are in need. He was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2017 and I got a chance to chat with him before he was inducted. I found Buddy to be humble and genuinely taken back by his inclusion into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

Buddy exudes Jersey. He has the accent, the Jersey swagger but most importantly he has the Jersey grit. In his message of hope you can feel his concern and compassion for all of us who have been affected by the virus. Take a look and listen to Buddy’s message of hope. He’ll spark that Jersey grit in all of us.

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