It's the meal you pretty much only make once a year and it happens this Wednesday. Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like corned beef and cabbage! Also nothing stinks up the kitchen like cabbage which smells like, well you know what it smells like.

Now if you're looking to make your own corned beef and cabbage and need a recipe, there's always Briody's recipe from Big Joe Henry. John Manzo, who once dropped the F-Bomb on Sir Paul McCartney and has his own catering business called Be My Guest, offers this on my Facebook page.

"In the oven. Tightly wrapped with the spice packet plus a bit more pepper, bay leaf, garlic clove and some vinegar. Covered in water. Slow at 325 for about 2 hours per pound. I cook the cabbage, potatoes and carrots separately so that the entire dish doesn’t taste like corned beef. I bake them in the oven as well with simple salt and pepper, maybe a beer, some water and wrapped tight. Depending on the sizes you cut, about 2 hours should do it."

Then there's always the option of going out and having it made for you at one of New Jersey's finest corned beef and cabbage establishments such as these:

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