A Pennsylvania couple expecting their second child was not trying to make history. All they wanted to do was enjoy their family's shore house in Sea Isle City for one final relaxing weekend before baby number two came along. Part of the idea was to give some extra attention to their three-year-old daughter because we parents know how it can be when you get so busy with a newborn at first. The weekend was so nice and cozy that they extended it by one day.

Now, there’s no hospital to give birth to a baby in this shore town. And people don’t give birth at home much anymore. So what happened that fateful day made them the first couple to deliver a baby in Sea Isle City in 40 years.

Yes 40 years.

As reported on NJ.com, Jeanne Golato was not feeling great. What turned out to feel like just a little sick suddenly turned into something worse the next day then swift, full-scale labor. Panic ensued. Imagine you’re in this horrible situation. Your wife is going into labor and you are in a place that has no hospital. You don’t know the area very well, the baby is coming early, you’re a long way from home, and on top of all of this you have your three-year-old daughter to try to keep calm.

Bad enough right? Now throw in the fact, according to NJ.com, that the baby was coming out feet first. Yes breech. They would later find the umbilical cord wrapped twice around the baby's head.

EMTs Kris Lynch and DJ Fancher along with police Sgt. Shawn Lesniewski and Patrolman Steve Jankowski came to the rescue. These folks saved the day. It was the first time any of them were called upon to deliver a baby and the nervous husband and new father couldn’t thank them enough. He was shocked to learn that this was their first time because they handled it so incredibly well. They were on the scene in just ten minutes and their new little daughter is doing just fine.

She will go down in history as the first baby born in Sea Isle City since 1977. Should she get free beach tags for life?

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