The YouTube clip is called Boss-ty the Snowman, but that's only because this little animatronic snowman is such an obvious rip-off of our beloved Bruce Springsteen. According to Backstreet magazine, his real name is Huntington Home Holiday Snowman. Yyyyyeah, right. Whatevah. It's being sold at Aldi stores this holiday season. They are also selling a Santa figure that plays the same recording.

Is Bruce getting a nickel for this? I really don't know. But check out the denim vest, the bandanas. Look a little familiar? And the song is clearly making an attempt to sound like our gavel voiced, soulful Jersey icon. I say pay the man!

Bruce recorded 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' at a gig in Long Island in December of 1975 and released it as the B-side to 'My Hometown' some ten years later. It has since become a holiday classic. Some Jerseyans say it doesn't feel like Christmas until they hear this song.

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