This past Christmas, a New Jersey man's favorite gift wasn't something new, but it was something he thought he would never see again.

On Tuesday, NJ 101.5 host Judi Franco asked listeners to call in and talk about their craziest lost and found moments. One caller found a wedding ring weeks later on a beach in Sea Bright. Another caller found a $1,000 check made out to cash. Then there was Chris MacPhee, from Brick.

MacPhee lost his wedding ring two years ago. Last month, while cleaning out his closet, MacPhee's wife, Kella, recovered it.

"He would always ask if I had found it," Kella said. She thought she has accidentally sucked it up with the vaccum not long after their child was born.

Chris had repeatedly told his family that he simply didn't want to buy a new wedding ring. Thanks to his wife, he didn't have to. This Christmas, Chris opened his gifts and was shocked to find the ring he lost two years ago — a gift from his wife.

"It was amazing," Kella said of her husband's reaction when he opened the gift and saw the ring.

Hit story's a lot like the one that prompted the discussion in the first place — after a fishing boat captain helped another New Jersey man find a ring that had gone into the water in Long Branch.

In a tweet to NJ 101.5 early Tuesday, Chris called this the "best Christmas ever."

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Toniann Antonelli contributed to this story.

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