Even with many parents saying remote learning has been less than optimal for their kids, the state's largest teacher's union is pushing for all schools to cancel in-person learning for the foreseeable future.

The New Jersey Education Association accuses Gov. Phil Murphy of downplaying the risks to teachers and students. In a lengthy statement, the union insists school buildings are far more dangerous than the state's data would suggest and many districts are unable to provide appropriate protections for in-person learning.

Murphy and governors from six other states praised schools for their efforts to keep kids in classrooms. He has previously said he has no plans to shut schools down as he did in the spring, when the first wave of the pandemic led to a statewide lockdown.

A new survey of parents on remote learning shows many are frustrated with the experience. Only 4 in 10 parents said it has been "very successful" in their homes. Many agree there remains a digital technology divide, but most say what they would like most is better communication about how their kids are doing.

Lawmakers are also trying to get a handle on how distance learning is working. State Sen. Teresa Ruiz wants state education officials to compile a report before standardized tests are given in the Spring. Under Ruiz's legislation, the report would be due in 60 days and be broken up into ethnic, racial and socioeconomic categories.

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