The Paterson school district has removed a newly hired teacher from the classroom after learning he was hired while being investigated for sexual abuse allegations in New York City.

Jinwoo Seong was hired as a teacher at Don Bosco Technical Academy after he told his interviewers he was looking to "relocate" from his previous position as a math teacher in Queens, according to the New York Post. But he was actually the subject of an ongoing nine-month investigation and had been removed from New York classrooms, still on the city payroll, the report said.

In October, New Jersey OK'd Seong's application to recognize his New York certifications — a month before he was fired from NYCs as schools investigator Richard Condon wrote in a letter he had "no place" in the schools, the report said. He started at Don Bosco in a $62,000 position on Dec. 7, the report said.

The Post reported that the investigation found he'd  exposed himself to a male student, touched a girl's breast and butt, cracked "gay jokes" and had a girl measure a boy's genitals. The New York Deptartment of Education assigned Seong to a "rubber room" where he reported and sat all day until his firing was official on Nov. 30, according to the Post.

Seong has denied the allegations. Capt. James Smith, executive director of security and internal investigations for Paterson schools, told the Post that Seong passed a criminal background check because he was never charged with a crime.


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