In a move funnier than anything any clown has ever done, Target has announced they are suspending the sale of clown masks both online and in their retail brick and mortar stores. A Target spokesperson said dropping the clown costumes is due to the "current environment."

This ridiculous moves comes after so many clown pranks across the country where people have fanned the flames by buying into the clown hysteria. I've said it before. If some idiot in a clown costume comes running up to you on the street, just yawn. Do nothing. The pranking will stop. But as long as people keep calling 911 and stores like Target legitimize this clown nonsense by treating these costumes as if they are dangerous guns or drugs, the pranks will only increase.

Here in New Jersey there has been no shortage of creepy clown sightings. At least one New Jersey school district banned clown costumes for this Halloween. That happened in Montclair. My own's kid's school in Hillsborough didn't issue an outright 'ban' but they sent an email home strongly suggesting that no parent put their kid in a clown costume to prevent panic. Wow. We've really all lost our minds.

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