I live in Flemington, New Jersey where, just like any New Jersey town, it has its pros and cons. It’s a tight-knit community with a great school system and terrific civic events like the annual Turkey Trot and the holiday parade for Hunterdon County right down Main Street.

The Hunterdon County Holiday Parade

If you like the beauty of older architecture, 65% of the buildings in Flemington are historic.

Locals will tell you that the only bars around are of the chain variety, like Buffalo Wild Wings or the new Hooters that just opened up on 202 N. next to the Ramada Inn. For me though? My thing for some time now has been how much I miss living near Target.

When you have kids and a busy life an everything-type department store that’s clean plus affordable with good quality stuff is easy to take for granted until you’re not around one. Right now, the closest thing is the Walmart on Walter Foran and compared to a Target it leaves much to be desired.

Target in Jersey City (Google Maps)
Target in Jersey City (Google Maps)

Well, it felt like Christmas came early when I saw the news. There’s a fighting chance that a Target might be coming to Flemington, Raritan Township.

Here’s the scoop. There’s a shopping center on 202 called Flemington Marketplace. You probably know it simply as where Kohl’s, Aldi’s, Michael’s, and Chili’s are. Yep, that prime location. Where Burlington used to occupy now sits empty and word is the Zoning Board of Adjustment is hearing an application on December 21 by the owner of the shopping center for a Target to move in.

The project would require a variance granted because it would be a “conditional use” in that zone, and also variances for signage and number of parking spaces.

There are currently 49 Targets in New Jersey. The nearest to Flemington/Raritan Twp is Bridgewater. So we need this! I say bring it, Santa!

It would be so refreshing to have some competition in this town. And one with employees who don’t seem to be zombies begrudging every moment of their working lives would be a pleasant change.

If this goes through and a Target comes to Flemington there's no word on when a grand opening might be.

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