Here in a blue state it's hard to know what to do. Long suffering New Jersey Republicans aren't all thrilled with the idea of Donald Trump as president. Many Republicans in NJ shunned the RNC last week. And many Democrats have a hard time warming up to a Hillary Clinton presidency. Polls have shown these two to be the most unlikable candidates in the history of U.S. presidential elections.

Could Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson be the answer? He is for me. Socially liberal and fiscally conservative, he did great things as governor of New Mexico. If he polls 15% nationally, he could end up on the debate stage and make things really interesting.

Don't know enough about the Libertarian Party? Perhaps you're a closet Libertarian and don't even know it. A quiz offered by the Cato Institute lets you know with which group your ideals are most aligned. I took it and my personal score was 80 and my economic score was 85, very solidly in Libertarian territory.

-Jeff Deminski

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