Authorities are on the hunt for more than $30,000 in stolen gemstones from a Sussex County landmark. The smash and grab heist at the Franklin Mineral Museum happened early Monday. Franklin Borough Police say bloodstains at the scene lead them to believe a suspect hurt themselves pretty seriously while stealing the items.

It's now just the latest New Jersey case where something of high value with lots of local history was targeted by thieves. And, it's not even the first mineral museum in Sussex that's been hit.

Six years ago, $400,000 worth of gold was stolen from Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg. It was a similar scene, with a broken display case left behind. The gold nuggets that someone made off with were not insured.


Golf lovers felt a big loss in Somerset County in 2012, when two historic awards were nabbed from the USGA Museum in Far Hills. The retired U.S. Amateur Trophy and a replica of Ben Hogan’s 1953 Hickok Belt award.


Last fall, an oil painting of the Great Falls was lifted from the Paterson Museum. The 170-year-old artwork had been appraised at $9,000. It was on loan from a private collector, during the city's celebration of a 225-year milestone.

The Paterson Museum also was targeted in 1998, when three vintage Colt 45 revolvers were stolen. Two of those very valuable guns were recovered, two years later.

And in 2014, baseball fans statewide sympathized after a heartless robber stole from the Yogi Berra Museum at Montclair University. The Yankees and Mets both stepped up with replicas of missing World Series rings and other 'priceless' memorabilia.

The heist in Little Falls proved to be the break detectives needed, to catch the so-called 'Ninja Burglar' of Staten Island.

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