🔴 Shots were fired just before dawn inside a Newark apartment

🔴 The police-involved shooting was not fatal

NEWARK — Police fired back at a gunman who opened fire on them inside an apartment building early Monday morning.

Two Newark police officers had responded to a third-floor apartment at the Ebon Square Apartments in the Upper Clinton Hill section around 5 a.m., on a domestic violence incident, according to Essex County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Robert Florida. They were confronted by Hakeem Murchison, 30, of Newark in the hallway who fired at the offices.

The officers were not hit and returned fire hitting Murchison, according to Florida All three were taken to University Hospital. The suspect was hospitalized but is expected to survive, Florida said.

Murchinson was charged with aggravated assault and two weapon offenses.

Officers armed with long guns remained positioned outside the apartment building on Clinton Avenue.

Ebon Square Apartments in Newark
Ebon Square Apartments in Newark (Canva)

Second Newark police-involved shooting in two months

Police fired shots on May 3 while responding to a residence on Johnson Avenue in Newark where they found a man dead and an 8-year-old boy who was struck by gunfire who was pronounced dead at University Hospital.

An officer fired at a man with a firearm later identified as Everett Rand, 29, of Newark running from the home where the two individuals had been shot. Two officers fired at Rand. The case is still under investigation.

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