According to a new study, we in New Jersey are more likely to speed up at a yellow light than we are to slow down. A survey of 3,000 drivers conducted by Yonkers Honda shows that the population as a whole slows down by a very slim majority (51%).

In New Jersey, that number is about 42%. While the survey was by no means scientific, the results seem to be in line with what I witness on a daily basis. With another reminder to take this information with a grain of salt, the states most likely to speed up at a yellow light (of states with at least 20 responses) are Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Kansas, Washington, and Oklahoma the least likely.

The study also breaks it down by gender with women (56%) more likely to slow down than men (48.5%). I would guess for most of us, the decision rests on how close we are to the intersection and how many other cars are around.

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