The Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit filed by the Liberty Counsel after they had petitioned the court to challenge the ban on New Jersey's ban on gay conversion therapy.

According to the Washington Blade,

The unnamed plaintiff in the case, John Doe, had daily thoughts of suicide and depression, but as a result of conversion therapy these thoughts went away and the plaintiff started thriving.

The Washington Blade article goes on to point out that the Liberty Counsel has a history of doubtful claims. For example, the organization claimed 100,000 people attended a rally in Peru to support Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. The photo provided of the rally ended up being from an unrelated event.

Taking that into account, I can see why the Supreme Court didn't think this case was worth their time. Back in 2013, the Garden State became the second state to ban the inhumane practice that is gay conversion therapy. The practice has been linked to cases of depression, drug use, and suicide to name a few.

Many right-wing religious groups such as the Liberty Counsel support and promote gay conversion therapy despite the overwhelming evidence that it not only doesn't "fix" the problem that is being gay in their eyes, it leads to cases of depression, drug use, and even suicide.

Today is another win for my fellow members of the LGBTQ population here in New Jersey, but an even bigger victory for the LGBTQ youth who may not have a voice when faced with gay conversion therapy. Progress indeed!