Just like Christmas, the summer camp conversation seems to start earlier and earlier each year, at least in New Jersey.

summer camp
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You can already find open house sessions scheduled for early this month at certain camps, such as Camp Middlesex.

And, according to Susie Lupert with the American Camp Association, NY and NJ, parents have begun researching the best fit for their kids.

"Many parents are even planning for the following summer," Lupert said. "They're setting up tours for this coming summer so that they can learn about the programs, see the camp in action."

The real push to fill camp spots begins in late spring, Lupert said, but some parents like to get a jump on the process because certain camps "fill up very quickly."

She said parents definitely don't need to get stressed out in early March about picking a camp, but they also shouldn't wait until the last minute.

"It shouldn't just be whatever program still has a spot," Lupert said. "It should be the right fit for your child."

And finding the "right fit" has gotten even easier for some parents over recent years as more "specialty camps" pop up and let kids take an extremely specific path all summer, from chess to tennis to theater.

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