Do you remember your first camp kiss? A 15 year old Connecticut girl will never forget hers. She was escorted out of Camp Emerson by Hinsdale Mass. police for doing it.

Fox Photos/Getty Images

The girl who is referred to as Jane Doe was called a security threat by Camp Emerson director Sue Lein.

“She kicked me out of camp because of a simple kiss the day before my birthday,” the girl said. “It was just a kiss. She is a big bully — she made me feel horrible about myself and she ruined my summer.”

What she may have lost in romance, she could make up for in money. The girls father, Manhattan attorney Jeff Miller, is suing the camp for more than $675.000 in damages, including defamation and emotional stress caused to his daughter. It cost about $7,000 per month to attend the camp. Jane Doe was expelled 2 weeks in.

The camp director called the little girl a “slut,” “loose,” and a “tramp,” and accused her of taking her bra off during the “innocent kiss,” according to the court papers.

Camp counselors even encouraged the kiss because it was the boy’s first, the suit says. The two co-eds were nabbed locking lips behind an arts-and-crafts building at dusk. Where was your first kiss?