In New Jersey, we can be gruff. We can also be loud. I will always remember my broadcast partner’s first exposure to a New Jersey person. We went to a pizza joint near the radio station when we were auditioning and when Bill walked in the guy working the counter bellowed, “What you want!?”

It was a yell. To an outsider it sounded loud, brash and unfriendly. Being born and raised here I knew he was simply asking for Bill’s order.

Again, we’re loud. We’re spirited. But just how loud are we in New Jersey?


A study has actually quantified it. has done a study. You might think based on stereotypes New York is the only state where people talk louder than we do. You’d be wrong. They’re tied for 15th place with Oklahoma. I guess to be heard above all the tornadoes you must be loud in Oklahoma.

New Jersey has the third loudest talkers in the country according to the study.

We were given a loudness score of 90.6. Compare that to second loudest Florida with a 90.7 and Louisiana with a 94.7.

Why are we so loud in New Jersey? Language expert Sylvia Johnson explains,

Some cultures may emphasize assertiveness and directness in communication, which can lead to louder speech. In contrast, others may value politeness, restraint, and quieter speech.

If anyone is assertive and direct it’s us in New Jersey. So this tracks.

They even studied where people tend to be the loudest.

Bars and restaurants led that category in a landslide.

As far as social faux pas in loud talking, one in five says they have had cell phone conversations in public places with the speakerphone feature on. And a shocking one in three says they’ve carried in a conversation from one bathroom stall to another.

Time and a place, folks.

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