Sure, we’re tough in New Jersey, there’s a reason we’re the home of Tony Soprano, but we all have our fears.

Empire Stakes set out to find what the most searched-for phobias are in New Jersey. They pulled a list of the 50 most common in the U.S. and determined our top ten fears based on Google searches in the last 12 months.

Do you share the most searched-for phobia in New Jersey? I share some in the top ten but I found number one to be wild, see if you have it.


New Jersey’s most searched-for fears are…

🔟 Fear of dogs

With 3,840 searches in the last year, fear of dogs (AKA cynophobia) is our tenth most popular fear. If you have it, I’m right there with you. I had a dog chase me when I was 2 years old and never fully recovered (yeah, I’m being dramatic, but it was scary!).

The teeth of the black dog baring its fangs.

9️⃣ Fear of being stared at

Stop looking at us! Scopophobia (or scoptophobia) had 7,080 yearly searches.

Wide-angle shot of a crazy-looking bartender

8️⃣ Fear of germs

This had 8,640 searches last year, can you imagine how much higher that number probably was in 2020? Keep washing those hands, people.

Sucharas wongpeth

7️⃣ Fear of large objects

Known as Megalophobia, this had 12,000 searches in the last 12 months.


6️⃣ Fear of spiders

I know this one all too well. These creepy crawlies resulted in 12,250 searches.

spider shape hanging in the air in blue sky and white clouds background
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5️⃣ Fear of heights

12,700 searches about acrophobia in New Jersey. I’m guessing these searches were done low to the ground.

business leap

4️⃣ Fear of confined spaces

These last few have a large jump in the number of searches. Claustrophobia had 28,800 searches. I guess being such a densely populated state could lend itself to that fear.

3️⃣ Fear of vomiting

We are NOT a fan of throwing up in New Jersey, Emetophobia had 34,800 yearly searches.


2️⃣ Fear of deep water

This one definitely freaks me out (who knows what’s swimming beneath you?!), I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Thalassophobia had 43,200 searches in NJ.

Sperm Whale Armada, Kalpitya 2015. Authorised Photographic boat.

Finally, our most searched phobia in New Jersey was…

1️⃣ Fear of small holes

Excuse me? Not to fear shame anyone - I’ve been pretty clear that I share a few of these - but are we in the Garden State really that concerned with small holes? To the point of it being our most popular fear?


Empire Stakes' study claims this fear, known as Trypophobia, had 145,200 searches in New Jersey in the last 12 months. People with this phobia are triggered by things like honeycombs, sponges or Swiss cheese according to Healthline.

Seamless honeycomb pattern

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