Just when you think the war is over, it's not. The forces of radical environmentalism and anti-fossil fuels are up to no good.

After a stunning public rebuke of the Orsted wind farms and the company scrapping the plan, the governor vowed to continue. Despite overwhelming opposition from shore communities and common sense-minded political leaders at every level, the governor isn't listening.

To continue our fight to stop the madness of destroying our grid with ineffective and environmentally unfriendly sources like wind turbines. I've written extensively on the subject and have provided a platform for the front-line warriors to push back on this misguided policy. You can read what I've had to say HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew joined me on the show this week to discuss the initial victory and the fact that we have to stay vigilant.

Rosemary Becchi from Jersey 1st is hosting an event this weekend to further the cause of pushing back against the turbine agenda.

A rally will be held at the Boat Yard in Point Pleasant Beach. Local champion Mayor Paul Kanitra will speak on this final Sunday before the election. We're hoping that voters elect him to the State Assembly where he will continue to fight for the rest of us.

Windfarms event - Jersey 1st
Windfarms event - Jersey 1st

And see the list of my events HERE.

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