Following the announcement of an executive order to temporarily halt immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries — as well to halt refugee admissions for months — Starbucks said it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next several years.

In a letter to the company, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he was writing "with deep concern, a heavy heart and a resolute promise."

"We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream being called into question," Schultz said.

Starbucks has approximately 50 locations in New Jersey.

In response to the order, Schultz said the company is reinforcing its support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and will be hiring 10,000 refugees in 75 countries over the next five years.

He also said the company will be continuing a tradition of working in and with Mexico.

"In the face of recent events around the world, let me assure you that we will stay true to our values and do everything we can possibly do to support and invest in every partner's well-being while taking the actions that are squarely within our ability to control," Schultz added.

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