At every sporting event, you cheer and boo your favorite team or their opponent. It's your right. You're a paying customer and as long as you aren't throwing things on the field and physically or verbally assaulting another paying customer, you should be okay. There are times, however, where cheering is not the right thing to do. Check out the video below of one NFL player taking issue with his team's fans.

Kansas City Chiefs tackle, Eric Winston was livid after the game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. They were playing at home in Kansas City and when the Chiefs starting quarterback, Matt Cassel got injured, the fans cheered. The Chiefs fans, not the Ravens fans.

Do you have a problem with fans acting like this? Even though a fan has the right to cheer and boo whenever they want, it seems as though a line is crossed whenever you root for an injury, for the opponent or the team you root for.

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