So it turns out Ray Rice isn't the bad guy. It's all the rest of the world. His wife Janay, who took a punch from Ray Rice so hard in an Atlantic City elevator that it knocked her unconscious, has responded to the release of the elevator video and her husband's release from the Ravens. The following is from her Instagram:


"I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I'm mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it's reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media and unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don't you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow and show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!"


Apparently Janay's blow to the head was even stronger than first believed.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

As far as the Baltimore Ravens terminating Rice's contract, what took them so long? It was obvious when Ray Rice was seen on the outside-of-the-elevator video dragging his unconscious fiancee, when he was criminally charged, when he entered pre-trial intervention, that he had knocked his wife unconscious. They did nothing but allow the parent company so-to-speak, the NFL, to speak for them by implementing their 2 game suspension. Now that the video from inside the elevator has been seen by the public, the Ravens are going to pretend they learned something new? They knew everything.

It was simply a public relations move they hoped they wouldn't have to make, a move in reaction to the public outrage at actually seeing the punch. The Ravens aren't wrong for cutting Ray Rice. They're wrong for having not done it sooner.