Seriously, I did it. Turned off all the notification on my phone and settled into a Lenten season off of my favorite social media platform.

I was thinking about the most important thing I can do to #SpeakForNewJersey and help bring about the critical change needed to restore public safety and bring back prosperity to the Garden State. Fighting with trolls on Twitter simply isn't getting us closer to winning. I really appreciate the comments from supporters on Wednesday asking me to stay because of the informed opinion backed with links to research, which I try to provide on a daily basis.

Going forward, at least until April 13th when I'm scheduled to return, you'll still be able to get all the info you need to make informed decisions, just in a different way. I'll continue to broadcast every weekday morning on NJ 101.5 from 6-10, then you can catch me on Chasing News on NYC TV weeknights on FoxTV. Of course every Tuesday at 10am, I'll join you on Facebook LIVE and continue to write articles on this page and podcast. That's about as much as anyone should want to hear from me!

Remember, this is not about me and what I have to say. This is about you and the critical info you need to help us take back our state from the morally bankrupt, corrupt elitists currently running New Jersey into the ground.

Funny side note, when I announced I was dropping Twitter, our morning show Producer Kristen asked about where the haters will go. We got our answer within a few minutes on the phone...

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