WAYNE — William Paterson University took to social media to denounce a video believed to be from one of its students using racist language.

The video, shared on Facebook by a user named Nay Hefner, identified the girl in the video as "Jasmine," but didn't give a last name. It claims Jasmine is  "Vice President Of Greek Senate Or Whatever Position Of 'Leadership' She Holds," and also a member of the school's chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority.

While Hefner's video was public as of Sunday afternoon, by Sunday night it had either been deleted or made private, which is why it is no longer visible in this story.

In the 20-second video the girl who Hefner said is "Jasmine" asks if it's offensive if she uses the "n word," while a second girl can be seen singing along to music, then uses the word several times in her own song. She ends the video by saying that anyone she has offended by her use of the word can "suck my d***."

In her post, Hefner said she has "had plenty of prejudice & racist encounters at this university," and adds "Can ya'll see why I say I hate this institution?"

A post on the school's Facebook page said it is aware of the post where "a William Paterson student, who is also a leader in our sorority community, makes abhorrent and racially charged statements at a non-University gathering."

"We are disgusted by this behavior which does not reflect our values or those we expect from our students," the statement said.

The national sorority posted a statement on its Facebook page as well.

"We are investigating the actions of one member and will take swift, decisive action to remove her or any member who does uphold our values," said Nicole DeFeo, international executive director of the sorority.

In a statement to New Jersey 101.5 DeFeo said the sorority is "in the process of disaffiliating the woman in the video."

"Our organization was founded by 5 Jewish women who were discriminated against," she said. "They stood up for social justice and we continue to stand for that today."

In January, a University of Alabama student from New Jersey faced expulsion after a video posted on social media showed her using a racial slur. The student, identified as Harley Barber, told the New York Post that there was "just no excuse for what I did."

William Paterson said its staff is investigating the matter "to determine what actions are appropriate." DeFeo said the sorority will be forming a task force on diversity and inclusion as a result of the incident.


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