MILLVILLE — Police want to know who left a dead puppy in a wooded area late last month.

A brindle-colored, male pit bull mix, believed to be between 6 and 9 months old, was found in a crate dumped in the woods off Kates Boulevard, according to city police.

A person driving through the area first saw the crate a short distance into the woods Jan. 24 after 11 a.m., according to Millville Police Captain Ross Hoffman.

The driver called police and responding officers found that the dog was dead inside, wearing a collar and a small sweater.

In addition to being deceased, the dog was in "poor" physical condition and appeared to be malnourished, police said.

Police also shared photos, seen below, of the blue-and-white argyle-type dog sweater, a leash and collar and two pieces of fabric that appeared to have been used for bedding, all found with the animal.

Millville dead dog puppy found (Police Department Facebook page)
(Millville Police Department Facebook page)

A necropsy done at a local animal clinic showed no sign of disease or trauma, but confirmed that the puppy's death appeared to be caused by human neglect, Hoffman said.

Millville Police are investigating the incident to pursue possible criminal charges, and have asked the public for help figuring out who may have abandoned the dog.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous and call Millville Police at 856-825-7010 x7625.

Sgt Ed Zadroga is the investigating officer.

Tips also can be sent in through the department's Facebook page.

An earlier version of this story said the dog was found a few days later, citing information available from police at the time. The story has been updated with the correct date.

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