It's rare to get two hilarious phone calls from the same topic in a given week. This week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week" is an exception.

Gary from Virginia and John from Toms River are this week's nominees for Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week". As Judi Franco was debating whether or not New Jersey should raise the smoking age to 21, we got two calls on complete opposite sides of the spectrum.

Gary from Virginia is completely against raising the smoking age, and his southern accent helped make his point clear. Well, kind of.

As for John from Toms River, he's totally in favor of raising the age for buying cigarettes, and praised Michael Bloomberg for his efforts in New York City, something Judi didn't approve.

Which call is this week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week"? Voting for this week has ended. Thank you.