Richard Kreimer made quite the name for himself in the '80s and '90s. I first heard of this homeless jerk when NJ101.5 was in its infancy through the John and Ken show. Kreimer thought he had some God-given right to spend all day in a library, offending people with his horrible poor hygiene and strange behavior, and, according to callers back then, leering at women.

It was the Morristown Library and he sued them for barring him from the public space because of the nuisance he became. The case took forever, and finally, sadly, in 1991 he won. He was awarded $80,000. He won a separate $150,000 from the township over police harassment.

It was a ridiculous decision. Given the fact that he was driving away so many people from the Morristown Library by treating it like his private home and frankly creeping people out, he had become a problem. He clearly had zero respect for anyone else's use of a public space and only cared about his own desire. Then was rewarded handsomely for that disgusting behavior.

He disappeared for a while to Colorado but returned to New Jersey only to sue some more. Having gone through all the money over medical issues and still homeless, he returned to New Jersey. In 2005 he complained about being kicked out of train stations. He filed a civil rights lawsuit and by 2007 the case was settled and the NJ Attorney General agreed that homeless people like Kreimer could remain in train stations for unlimited periods of time. Now imagine your daughter is walking through Newark Penn Station and has to worry about unlimited homeless people treating the station like a shelter, never knowing which unfortunate homeless person is suffering a mental illness and may be unstable, or which one may be so desperate for money as to be dangerous. What a terrible capitulation.

By 2017 NJ Transit decided to tempt fate and began a new policy that people had to show a ticket to police or an employee in order to be in the waiting area and they placed a 2 hour limit on staying there. Guess what? You got it! This 70-year-old public nuisance is now threatening to sue once again.

First of all, how a person can be homeless in 1981 and still be homeless by 2019 is remarkable. I don't think that says something about society and capitalism as much as it says something about that person themselves. Second, to have not grown emotionally after this many decades to have a more introspective and empathetic view point is amazing. Oh yes, you'll say how dare I talk about empathy when insulting a homeless person. But this isn't just any homeless person. This is a professional problem. This is a guy who doesn't care who he scared, who he offended, who he bothered, who he affected. You can be homeless and still not be selfish. This clown feels he is entitled to be anywhere he wants at any time. With political correctness running amok in our country don't be surprised if he wins. So don't be surprised if you find yourself stepping over a lot more homeless people at NJ Transit stations.

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